Anyway, Cucknadia.txt, move along nothing to see here. She said that she didn't hate anyone and that if anyone had a problem with her that she would have gladly given them information if they had come to her.

She’s just lost and caught up in everything. Leaving hateful comments will not help anything or anyone.

Before I start this response, I would just like to say that I do not know any of these people personally. Mira has also been caught harassing other, lesser known JVloggers, and it is believed that it is an attempt to prevent competition. Rachel's video shows that she went to great lengths to do some research about the attacks that she was receiving from some usernames. Sharla and Jun (since Rachel is not currently in Japan) could file criminal reports against Mira for this. Tonight I dreamed that I had finally gotten the mail from my school that the embassy of Japan told me to keep a look out for. It was about 21 minutes long and from reading the title I could tell that it was going to be a pretty serious video. OBS: If you are not a person "involved in the jvlogging community" (meaning in my opinion that you don't watch channels like Ciaela, Kanadajin3, Sharla in Japan, Gimmeabreakman etc, then you can go ahead and skip this post). She is guilty. I think Mira’s best option would be to seriously think about what she did, realize that she was wrong, and apologize. Discover how much Kanadajin3 is worth today, view full biography, facts, and family life. I have, however,  watched various responses to her video and responses to the whole situation to get a good basis of what is going on. This scholarship will allow you to study in Japan for 3 years. What I have gathered is that Mira has been releasing private information about Rachel and Sharla (and possibly others) on the internet and harassing them with many different fake accounts. Based on Rachel's video it would seem that all fingers point to Mira.

Mira finally posted a response video after initially stating that she wasn't going to. For those of you who follow the Jvlogging scene you probably have heard about the drama that had unfolded between Kanadajin3 (Mira) and Rachel and Jun among a few other Jvloggers. From then on- many comments had been posted to Rachel's video talking about Rachel getting paid to do the video, that she's promoting a scam, leaking private information etc etc etc. Harassing someone with fake accounts because you disagree with them is not ok. As well as harassment, Mira  was accused of releasing private, personal information about Rachel and Sharla on the internet. And I can only imagine how everyone who was affected felt after finding out their close friend had betrayed them. I didn't go into complete detail, nor have I been following as closely to this situation as some others probably have. I am subscribed to all of them on YouTube, however I do not follow them on any other media. She says that no one had ever sent her an email or anything asking her if the accusations were true or not. She doesn't seem like the type of person that would take this much time to call somebody out about the game they were playing behind the scenes. Harassing and attempting to sabotage other’s channel to prevent competition is just poor character.

I don’t think that anything she did was right, and I don’t believe that there was a valid reason for her doing what she did. That in itself is enough proof for me that the account are, in fact, Mira in disguise.

She did admit to hurting Rachel with some comments, but again, never admitted to doing all of it. I am in no way trying to take sides or put down any of the three parties involved in this current issue.

She: Released personal information about her former best friend Sharla online, which is apparently illegal in Japan. Her research and evidence seemed to prove that Mira surely was behind it all. I also believe in Karma- so the person(s) responsible for these attacks and hate will certainly get theirs in some way, shape, or form. I would watch her videos for I don't speak Korean!

This is just me providing my honest opinion and giving input on what has happened/is still happening. Some of these fake accounts have been linked back to the same IP address as Mira’s. Getting someone's personal information can be really easy sometimes (not that I know, but there are some great hackers out there!) Mira apparently disagreed with Rachel’s review of the shop and began harassing her with the various fake accounts and her own account. Kanadajin3 is a backstabber and refuses to admit it even when she was shown solid proof of her lies. Rachel always seems to have purely honest reviews and opinions about things and that is something to be admired.

She started noticing a pattern in the language that was being used in these comments. This post is regarding the current dispute between Mira (Kanadajin3), Rachel (Rachel & Jun) , and Sharla (Sharla in Japan). What really got to me out of this whole thing is that, according to her, her own family has been contacted as well. I follow a bunch of these ladies and gents on facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube of course, and a couple of their blogs. I wish a happier future for all of those who were affected/involved. That to me made me think that she was pretty blunt and honest about things. She also didn't seem like the type to go behind her friend's backs and do all these things she's been accused of. But she really opened up the gateway to the Jvlogging world for me. Hopefully history won't repeat itself anytime soon. But it's okay, because she openly admitted to it being linked to fake bank/personal info, fraudulently! I'm sad to see that all of this has happened. My penis updicked your comment, rapeculture. Now that I have explained what I know about this incident, I would like to say that Mira is in the wrong, in my opinion. Again, I don't know her personally, but like Rachel- I have seen many of Mira's videos and I always thought she seemed pretty genuine as well. Maybe Japanese stare more at asian-looking foreigne... For some reason there seem to be a lot of different stores in Japan that include the word "donkey" in their name. If more information becomes available in the future, I will correct anything in this post that is wrong and/or offensive. Basically Mira has been accused of creating sock puppet accounts and posting really hateful comments to many Jvlogger's videos. Alas I was extremely disappointed after watching Rachel's video. Kanadajin3 was the first Jvlogger I had ever viewed. However, the accounts were used to harass Rachel on a video she made regarding a certain clothing shop. =).

Mira could face lawsuits and/or go to prison for releasing the personal information of others. Now I don't know any of these people personally. as further proof that they are fake accounts belonging to her, they all make the same spelling and grammatical mistakes that Mira makes. Or are you? If she doesn’t mean it then there is no point to it. Of course I thought "Hm..

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