interrupting his line of thoughts and allowing Kaneki to hit him, for later submit him to his torture as a punishment for what he did to Touka. Tsukiyama’s character development?

On Mondays and Tuesdays I'll be answering questions regarding the latest chapter of the Manga. Maybe they're selfish reasons but they make sense.

What was the deal with Dr Kanou?

(He also appeared in the manga during the laboratory fight.) It’s way too early to know the real reasons behind this decision, but I can think of two possibilities: Can it live up to the Tokyo Ghoul Story we know and love?! Since this last year seems to be the year I show up 10 years late to the fandom, I recently started watching naruto for the first time and I’m having so much fun with it, making my way through it lighting fast! First: Kaneki, both in the manga and anime, looked for the same thing: the strength to protect his comrades. But the TG fandom is one of those tragic anime adaption stories. Kaneki leaves the coffee shop to join Aogiri Tree. This is the main reason for why Ayato joins Aogiri later, because in the eyes of ghouls, Aogiri’s goal is to destroy the CCG and eliminate the ghoul investigators, in order to create a world in which they can live without fear of being persecuted.

That’s why Ayato’s violent tendencies increase as he grows up, because he identifies the death of their parents with the fact that both were weak, expressing that the only way to avoid being taken away your loved ones is to become stronger. So just to preface this, its not 100% confirmed that Pierrot are working on it (even if it’s likely) so best to wait for official news before jumping the gun.

It could have been such a cool concept to play with but they just ended up removing the majority of the morally questionable shit he did, and pretty much lost a heap of his character development in the process. Thus, Ayato joined Aogiri to protect his older sister, even though the motive of his actions were totally unknown even for himself. Also, feel free to share any interesting fact or theory that you might have.  (well as many as I can find to post) XD, My reaction to “Let’s go home.”  The tea cup got more character development than most of our main cast. The real reason why kaneki joined Aogiri XD ~Fandom Shit~ — The real reason why kaneki joined Aogiri XD.

If you have any personal questions, please direct them to my personal blog. They didn’t do too bad a job with season 1 but season 2… for some unknown reason they decided to do an anime only ending… and it was a train wreck… instead of actually giving us a whole heap of new content it pretty much ended up being a watered down version of the manga. Just like Kaneki explained, Ayato’s actions are motivated by his desire to protect his sister, Not just due to the promise he did to his father when he was still a child. The reason for this is partly because Ayato is aware that both worlds are incompatible, and begins to fear that just as it happened to their father, humans will betray his sister, and ghoul investigators will end up killing her. Touka running for 3 episodes straight? In Tokyo Ghoul √A , according to Sui Ishida 's rough drafts, Tatara insisted that Kaneki eat Taguchi to prove his loyalty to Aogiri …

Sorry, is there something wrong with Studio Pierrot? Kaneki joining Aogiri Tree. Worst case scenario, it will bomb but at least there will be lots of memes to have fun with . However, it is not until Touka decides to enter in the human world through school and Yoriko, that Ayato decides to leave his home and distance himself from his sister, traveling to other districts and getting in more fights. we got yamori who looks like a fucking lizard. There are two points to note here. Kaneki became Haise Sasaki after he lost his memories about his past. Chinese Parasol Tree) is a ghoul organisation that is currently centered around the 12th ward, with its influence extending throughout a considerable part of Western Tokyo, namely the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Ward. Also, remember to check the navigation if you are searching for something specific. Although Kaneki couldn't bring himself to kill him, Arima did it himself, prompting Kaneki to declare himself the true One-Eyed King. This can be appreciate when we see that Ayato doesn’t seem to understand the explanations of Kaneki and seems to deny them, until in his head appears a flashback of his sister after his father died. Before asking please check the Navigation to see if I had already answered what you have in mind. Depends- they actually did a really good job with Akatsuki no Yona!

Seeing that he had lost his memories, Kishou Arima came up with a new name and identity for Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 67).

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